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Produce a valuable ROI


help you succeed!

We specialize in marketing for real estate agents. Our team will put together a strategy that Combines; Lead Generation, Unique Creative Content and Brand awareness. We advertise through Social Media, Google Ads, Spotify, Waze and several other strategic platforms. In addition to advertising we also offer coaching, and real estate business development. We stay up to date on the latest tech and best practices so that you don’t have to.
When it comes to creating highly engaging content, we are like mad scientists in the lab. With many methods, we use a series of controlled experiments with our ad copy for each client. We continuously monitor and adjust our client's ads to make sure you see the highest level of performance possible. We write new ad copy and engaging posts every day for our clients. The focus is to continuously push our limits, generate explosive ad copy, drive leads, and build brand presence. 
To sum things up, we handle the tech and let you focus on what you are best at; selling homes! If you are ready to find out what BKA is made of, Get Started Today.



Transparency, as used in science, engineering, business, the humanities and in other social contexts, is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability. 


We believe in full transparency. 

Everything we do is available for you to see at any time. Your ads are running through your Facebook business page and your card is on file with them. This is so you can see that the ad spend is exactly what we agreed upon.



We know a lot of you out there are motivated to be your own marketing team. So instead of pushing you to let us do it for you, we decided to give you another option. We now share our arsenal of knowledge through a learning portal @ BeKnownUniversity. There you will find tons of useful tools, methods and resources that we use every day. Join BKU and learn how to become your own Marketing Ninja!


As a BKU member - you will have access to our video walk-through lessons, step by step pdf guides to accompany them and some proven ad copy to use for yourself.

You will also be invited to join our exclusive BKU Facebook group. Not only does this give you access to fellow agents for expanding your peer network - it also gives you a familiar platform to communicate and troubleshoot with the group. Our team is regularly adding new content to keep the group aware of useful information - and we are there to help you succeed. You can do this!



In many professions, it's not uncommon to have a mentor. Real estate is no exception. Whether you’re jump-starting your career or looking to earn more as an agent, hiring us as your real estate coach might be the ticket to success. Here are four reasons why you need a real estate coach.

1. You'll learn the business from our perspective of helping agents all across the country grow their business.


2.  We Hold you accountable.


3  We Keep you motivated.


4.  We Identify your strengths and weaknesses.



At Be Known Advertising we strive to stay up to date on the latest tech. Our goal is to leverage every tool possible to increase conversion and automate tedious processes that consume the agent's day to day.

Be Known Advertising consistently pioneers new ways to assist with follow up, lead generation, and content creation.

Through our innovative strategies, we have created ways to establish unique follow up geared to meet the needs of your potential clients. We do so by asking questions to speak directly to the potential client based on the responses they provide.

We can do this with any CRM that allows automated text, email, and task-oriented campaigns. We have mastered CRM's such as KVCore,, Liondesk, and CINC. Although there are several other CRM's that we utilize for our clients across the nation, these four CRM's listed comprise the foundation we set in place for our clients.



In this day in age, it is crucial to stay up to date with changes and innovations in order to be effective in marketing. There are many reason why creativity is important in advertising. With good visual effects it will attract the target audience attention that creates interest by establishing feelings of desire to bring about an action to purchase. 


As marketers, we are constantly trying to find favor in the eyes of consumers. Creativity is the most important tool for the success of a business.  

Core Values

-When our Clients win, We Win


-Transparency is Key


-Always Act with Integrity


-Scale Mountains


-There is no I in Team


-Measure Twice Cut Once

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Sam Barnes  |  Colorado

Be Known Advertising has been great. They have excellent communication and customized campaigns that are providing a solid, consistent lead flow. I would highly recommend them!

Nakia Strazzera  |  Texas

I recently started working with Be Known Advertising based on the success of an agent on my team. As a new agent, navigating not only the world of real estate, but also managing your social media can be a lot to do at one time. Working with Josh and Bryan has made it so much easier for me to focus on the business of real estate. They’re marketing efforts are incredibly effective! I have gained more leads from them working on my social media vs having to do this on my own. I would definitely recommend Be Known Advertising especially for new agents who already have so much on their plates building their own business.

Stacey Woods  |  California

Be Known Advertising has generated tangible results for me in less than two weeks. The team is attentive and committed to take your business to the next level. I am so happy I partnered with them and I wish I met them sooner!! Thank you Josh and Bryan!

Ron T.  |  Michigan

Be Known Advertising helped me achieve the top 20 Social Media list for agents in the Detroit metro area within 4 months of working with me. 

Drew Wierson  |  North Dakota

These guys are terrific and been an amazing resource for me getting my social media game improved and on track. They are super responsive, know marketing, and inner workings of all that is social media advertising. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing top notch service with intelligence!! Thank you guys for all you do for me and my business!

Kari Williams  |  Nevada

No other company has done for me what Be Known Advertising has done. They not only have done super effective FB marketing for me, but they've tied in my CRM and smart campaigns within my CRM so I am in constant communication with the leads they bring me. This allows me to spend the time running my business instead of chasing it.


SOME OF THE resources 



How many users 

does Facebook have?


With over 2.6 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2020, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. In the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Facebook users surpassed one billion, making it the first social network ever to do so.


How many users does Instagram have?

With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram 

belongs to the most popular social networks worldwide. The social photo sharing app is especially popular in the United States, India, and Brazil, which have over 120 million, 80 and 77 million Instagram users each.


What is a Zap?

Zapier is the glue that connects thousands of web apps. Zaps are workflows that connect your apps, so they can work together. Zaps start with a trigger—an event in one of your apps that kicks off your workflow. Zaps automate tasks in the background, so you can focus on more important work.

Google Ads.png

How many users 

does YouTube have?


Over 2 Billion logged-in users visit YouTube each month and every day people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views. More than 70% of YouTubewatchtime comes from mobile devices. YouTube has launched local versions in more than 100 countries.


Do GoogleAds work?


On average, most businesses see a 200% return on their investment when purchasing Google Ads. This makes Google Ads one of the most efficient means of advertising at your disposal. The beauty of internet ads is that they are able to target a very narrow slice of your demographic, which tends to lead to higher conversion rates.


Advertise on Spotify?


Spotify is going to start using its copious amounts of user data to run targeted ads inside its exclusive podcasts. Targeted advertising remains new ground for podcasts, and the announcement sets Spotify up to potentially branch out beyond its own shows and begin placing ads in other networks’ content. If it catches on, Spotify could become a full-blown podcast ad network.



Are LinkedIn Ads worth it?


While LinkedIn ads may be more expensive than Facebook and Twitter ads, they are worth the money. You can still create successful campaigns with relatively small budgets. ... LinkedIn Sponsored Content is a great way to accumulate new quality leads and are well worth the money.


Is Pinterest's audience still growing?


Pinterest now has 88 million users in the U.S., marking an 8% year-over-year growth. The stats, which were announced February in the company’s Q4 earnings call, blew most analyst estimates out of the park. In fact, eMarketer had projected Pinterest would close 2019 with 82.4 million U.S. users, ahead of the 80.2 million estimated for Snapchat.


Why would I advertise on Waze?


Waze allows you to connect with customers through three ad types: Branded Pins, Zero-Speed Takeover, and Promoted Search.

Branded pins:  Your location is made known to drivers as they pass by with a branded pin on the map. Think listing ads and open houses! It will notify users when they are nearby.

* The above mentioned organizations are NOT direct affiliates or partners of BEKNOWN.
  They are being represented here as valuable resources used to advance our marketing strategies and expand relevant audience targeting.  
*Currently working on /// "Article credits hyperlinked within each source. -Will also include  "click here to see all in a list." as well,\\\


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